Saturday, February 12, 2011

How a physician can send a secure Direct message from Care360 EHR to a patient's Healthvault PHR account

As described by Sean and by Halamka with the Direct Project any medical Provider with an EHR that offers a Direct email account, can send secure email messages to a patient.

I am going to demo it with my Care360 EHR account:

First type a message to the patients Direct email or his regular email. When you don't know your patient Direct email on Healthvault you just send an email to with a subject line containing the patient's existing email account. I also attached to the message the patient's Continuity of Care Document (CCD).

The patient John Doe will get a regular email from you:

Then the patient will sign to his HealthVault account or create one

My patient John Doe can now see my Care360 EHR message and also his Continuity of Care Document (CCD).

Patient John Doe can decide or not to add the CCD to his HealthVault account

The CCD sent from Care360 EHR looks like this on HealthVault:

These are really very exciting times in healthcare :-)


  1. Great post and nice to finally have some information from the provider side on how this works. I cover as much as I can about PHRs, Google Health and HealthVault more than others with all the connectivity, but we haven't seen much from the doctors using to send information, again good stuff and thanks! I have a lot of consumer readers and did a post directed at how they can get set up to receive.

  2. Great post.
    The part I did not understand is how the patient and provider agree upon a common question or code which has to be entered by the patient the first time he logs into Healthvault. How is this agreed upon question/code sent to Healthvault? Who sends it?

  3. Many secure email services count on a form of technology called asymmetric encryption. temporary email

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